Ozeri BP2M CardioTech Premium Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Ozeri BP2M CardioTech Premium Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Ozeri BP2M CardioTech Premium Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Review

For better overall health, you can reduce your blood pressure level by making smart and healthy food choices, having a regular exercise regimen, getting preventive care and leading a stress-free life. However, you have to keep track of your blood pressure as well.

So what kind of device should you get for home use? Why not try a wrist blood pressure monitor? This kind of blood pressure (BP) monitor is usually worn on the wrist and is often compact, portable, lightweight and designed to be as accurate as clinical blood pressure monitors.

Finding the proper BP monitor though can be a bit challenging due to the sheer number of devices on the market. In this article, we are going to review Ozeri’s BP2M CardioTech Premium Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitorto make choosing a good product easier for you.


  • Provides accurate readings
  • Portable and lightweight, great for travel
  • User-friendly wrist cuff design with advanced technology
  • Includes advanced Hypertension Indicator color which can code systolic and diastolic readings in colors ranging from Green (normal BP), Orange (pre-hypertension) and Red (hypertension)
  • Can store 1197 blood pressure readings complete with date and time documentation
  • Dynamic measurement advancement changes the automatic inflation depending on real-time BP detection to minimize measurement time and provide comfort
  • Has automatic arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) detection
  • Provides push-button access to standard BP readings


The BP2M Cardiotech Premium Series digital blood pressure monitor from Ozeri is a wrist model that includes an integrated MWI or Measure While Inflate advancement. It guarantees that the device expands to the level that users require with no need to continue modifying the rates.

The device is pretty user-friendly due to technology mentioned above. It has a readable LCD screen and also includes an additional alert for arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat.

The device lets users store up to 1197 readings for 3 users, which means every user can store 399 readings. This is impressive and is one of the unit’s best features.

A reading will require users to position the device slightly above the wrist instead of being placed on the upper arm which is always the case with standard BP monitors.

Another excellent feature of the product is its color-coded hypertension detector. For high blood pressure, you have the red color. For normal you get the green light while the orange color means pre-hypertension.

It helps users to see whether or not the diastolic or systolic rate in their bodies has increased. The device can be accurate and user-friendly if the user studies and follows the instructions provided.

Users can arrange a time and date on the BP2M and be able to document their BP history precisely over a set period of time. It will also show a standard reading for the user over a particular stretch of time.

This will prove to be especially helpful if your BP has a tendency to fluctuate.

The BP2M Cardiotech from Ozeri has a smart design that means that users can comprehend the readings effortlessly. The model also includes a traffic detection setup which guarantees that users will be alerted when their BP level is too low or high.

The monitor is a durable model and is built to last for a longer period of time. It is also backed by a warranty period of up to 5 years hence you can get in touch with the company’s great customer service for an extended time.

The device operates with the help of 2 AAA batteries which is good news since you can use the device even without a power resource.

Most importantly, it can provide accurate readings even though it’s a wrist-type model. As long as you follow the instructions in using the device, there won’t be any hitches in its accuracy.


The BP2M Cardio Tech by Ozeri involves users to pass through a learning curve. This does not mean that the device is difficult to use, but you have to understand how it works first, in particular its positioning indicator.

The manual it comes with is easy to understand though so following the steps is a breeze. Frequent use of the device will allow users to get the hang of it eventually.


If you are on the hunt for a wrist blood pressure monitor that can churn out accurate readings and is user-friendly and durable, the Ozeri BP2M CardioTech Premium Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is something that you need to check out.

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