Greater Goods Balance Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Greater Goods Balance Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Greater Goods Balance Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Are you on the hunt for a wrist blood pressure monitor? This device is a kind of technology that can be worn on the wrist to take blood pressure levels. The use of a handy blood pressure monitor provides you with lots of benefits, in particular the ability to keep track of your BP rate.

It is crucial that you get a wrist BP monitor that provides the most accurate reading. This review will help you narrow down your options. Let us discuss what the Greater Goods Balance Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor can do for you.


  • FDA-approved model that provides precise readings
  • Has a bigger LCD screen with extra-large readable numbers that can be read in low-light conditions
  • Allows for multiple-user use and storage of blood pressure history on one device
  • Comfortable and can fit users with wrist measurements from 13.5-21.5 cm.
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Personal customer service
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty which covers damages and defects
  • Every Balance purchase helps Greater Goods’ charity partner, Love146


Greater Goods’ Balance Wrist blood pressure monitor is one of the company’s most sought-after products. It is an affordable BP monitor and quite handy and convenient for home use too.

The Food and Drug Administration has provided the product with its approval, which means it is a device that you can rely on since it has passed the agency’s strict standards. The device has passed not only the agency’s standards but it has surpassed them as well which translates to a product with excellent quality.

High blood pressure strikes individuals of all ages, not only the middle aged. If you are not mindful of what you eat and have a sedentary lifestyle, then you have a higher risk of acquiring hypertension or high blood pressure.

This product is especially suited for the elderly because it has an extra-large, readable LCD screen. Users won’t need to squint just to understand what is shown on the device’s display.

Physicians and medical professionals often give advice to their patients to be mindful of their blood pressure rates. If you have been advised by your doctor to do that, you have to invest in a good blood pressure monitor which lets you record the results of the readings digitally.

Documenting your blood pressure history is convenient and it helps guide you on what you should do next so you can take the appropriate actions.

Apart from being a useful device, the BP monitor also features excellent memory. It allows for multiple users so they can keep all the results each time they get a reading. The model can store up to 60 readings for every user.

One common problem with wrist blood pressure monitors is a lack of accuracy. Inaccurate readings at times are caused by an incorrectly fitting cuff. This is a major problem as the majority of models include cuffs which can fit only certain arms.

The Balance Wrist BP monitor, however, features an adjustable cuff which wraps itself comfortably to most adult wrists. Because of this convenient feature, you can be sure that you will get readings that are more accurate.


The majority of the Balance Wrist BP monitor’s features did well, but it does have a few drawbacks. Some users found that the device stopped working after 24 hours.

Thankfully though the company has a helpful customer service staff that will entertain your inquiries and thus far, customer service has been quick to respond, which is a benefit.

Blood pressure monitors for home use are not intended to replace the assistance of a physician or other medical professionals. There are in fact several individuals who bring their home blood pressure monitors to their doctors and have them examine the item to see whether it will perform as it claims.

It is also recommended that to have the most precise readings, you avoid physical activity, smoking and eating before a reading and relax as you undergo the procedure. It will also help immensely if the BP monitor’s cuffs fit your wrist perfectly in order to get the most accurate reading possible.


Greater Goods Balance Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is affordable yet it contains some helpful features that will aid you in acquiring and storing your BP levels and history. It has a 2-user mode, excellent memory, good accuracy and an adjustable cuff.

Apart from those features, the company also gives back—every purchase of the product helps Greater Goods’ partner charity, Love146.

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