Care Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Care Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Care Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Review

For individuals who are suffering from problems with their blood pressure, acquiring a blood pressure monitor for home use provides several advantages. Having this device on hand is convenient, especially during food-heavy holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Due to the presence of delicious and ultra-rich foods at parties, people often have a tendency to indulge too much and this can lead to blood pressure (BP) levels spiking.

A wrist blood pressure monitor can help individuals keep track of their BP and take appropriate action when needed. If you are looking for a good, quality model, you should read reviews of  products to make informed decisions. We will talk about the Care Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor in this review.


  • Large, readable LCD screen
  • Includes irregular heartbeat indicator
  • Includes memory storage with time and date stamp
  • Can store up to 90 readings
  • 2-user option
  • Can be operated by way of simple, fast access buttons
  • Provides fast and precise readings


To maintain overall health, one should keep track of his or her blood pressure levels. Regardless of your age, whether or not you have a history of hypertension or high blood pressure or are suffering from the condition, keeping tabs on your BP will aid you in seeking proper medical action when needed.

The AHA or American Heart Association recommends regular blood pressure monitoring for individuals of all ages, particularly older people. The use of a home blood pressure monitor is not a replacement for frequent doctor’s appointments but using a device like the Care Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure monitor will allow individuals to keep track of their health or their treatment’s development.

Having a home blood pressure device on hand will give you peace of mind. The majority of health conditions these days are the effects of stress or a sedentary lifestyle coupled with bad food choices.

When you are keeping tabs on your blood pressure, you can be reassured that it is normal or you can seek help fast in case you have a higher or lower rate than usual. Because you will be able to seek treatment fast, it will not lead to more serious conditions.

A wrist blood pressure monitor is also designed to provide accurate readings and will allow you to get readings in the comfort of your own home.

Visiting the doctor can be an anxiety-inducing experience and at times we often get inaccurate readings due to nervousness or because we cannot relax in the doctor’s office. Because you are at home and are totally relaxed, you can actually get better results from the device.

This Care Touch model is completely automatic and it has a compact size so it can be fastened on the user’s wrist. It is lightweight and portable so you can carry it with you while traveling. It has a cuff size of 5.5-8.5 inches and a large display screen for readability.

The screen is backlit too which means you can still read the data on the screen even when there isn’t much light.

The monitor is capable of documenting up to 60 readings of the user’s BP. Its excellent storage feature lets users get a great overall perception of their health and it also aids in guaranteeing that they are on track to a healthier body.

The monitor is also approved by the FDA which means it has great quality. It also includes an irregular heartbeat function which alerts users in case the monitor perceives any kind of deviation in the user’s heartbeat.

Finding out that your heart requires some help will aid you in seeking proper treatment and preventing it from getting serious.

Another excellent feature of this model is that it can provide fast readings. The monitor can acquire a reading within seconds and will display the BP level for you. Due to its fast reading feature, this makes it a nice item for individuals who are always on the go.


This Care Touch monitor provides more accurate readings if the user attaches the wrist monitor with its face showing towards the body of the user and not away from it. Use it the way you would a normal watch.

Fasten it the way you would wear a watch, on the inside part of the wrist.


The Care Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is a good buy—it has features that will make taking blood pressure readings a breeze for the user. It also comes at an affordable price, which is something everyone will appreciate.

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