AlphaMed Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Review

AlphaMed Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Review

AlphaMed Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Review

The blood pressure monitor is a device which is used to measure an individual’s blood pressure. The standard way to take a reading it is to place the device on the wrist or upper arm. The measurement is displayed for users in order to be recorded and employed as a means to deal with hypertension or irregular heartbeat.

The device is easy to use, convenient and it allows users to keep track of their BP levels at home between appointments with their physician.

Blood pressure can shift whenever people stand, sit, lie down, take physical exercise  or sleep. Even stress and other factors like food, beverages and the medication a person takes can have an impact on BP levels.

That is why it is important to have one on hand. For easy reference, read reviews like our review of AlphaMed’s Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor


  • Features a readable LCD display where the reading is shown
  • Only requires a one-way operation
  • FDA-approved and has CE0123 certification.
  • Displays measured readings with a high-accuracy value
  • Includes a 2-user mode and can store in 90 sets memory
  • Capable of reading diastolic pressure, systolic pressure and pulse rate
  • Can keep track of irregular heartbeat
  • Innovative design and compact, portable size
  • Operates on 2 AAA alkaline batteries


Using a wrist blood pressure monitor is a popular method of keeping track of an individual’s blood pressure level. It is a good option in case you need to travel and have been advised by your physician to monitor your BP rate frequently. This wrist BP monitor from AlphaMed does its job well when it comes to keeping track of your BP rate.

The model is lightweight and has a convenient design which makes it a nice companion for your frequent travels. It allows you to take charge of your health and take appropriate action.

Wrist blood monitors are often compact, small and lightweight. They are designed to be automatic. The device should be used while sitting and the arm should be positioned at the level of the heart for maximum precision.

These devices are often cordless and run on batteries like this AlphaMed model.

The product thus far has provided accurate readings. It has a stiff cuff that isn’t so stiff as to be uncomfortable. As suggested by a lot of doctors, the cuff of a wrist blood monitor should be snug enough to provide the correct readings users are after.

The model was easy to put on and take off. It includes buttons positioned flush with the monitor’s façade so it will not be set off mechanically whenever it gets bumped accidentally by an object inside the purse or briefcase.

The AlphaMed wrist BP monitor was user-friendly as well. The instructions that were provided with the monitor were easy to understand.

Before using the device though, you have to make sure that you have fully understood the instructions to get the best results. The instruction guide will tell you how to sit and place the device correctly on your arm when getting a reading.

It has a 2-user option so two individuals can use the device to record their BP history. Users can register their BP readings separately and up to 90 readings for each user can be recorded on the device together with the time and date for easier reference.

The readings at best were decent but could be improved. Still, this monitor is good enough to use between appointments with your doctor.


As mentioned earlier, AlphaMed’s wrist blood pressure monitor provides decent readings but they could be improved on. You still have to visit your doctor for an accurate reading.

If you can, you should take the device to your physician and have them check the item for accuracy.

Furthermore, it is advised that you refrain from physical activities, smoking and eating before getting your BP levels read. It is also suggested that you stay relaxed and remain stable when taking a blood pressure reading for more accuracy.


The AlphaMed’s Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is a good in-between device for keeping track of your BP rate. For such an affordable price, you can get decent BP level readings with this model.

Just remember that you have to still go to your doctor for an in-depth reading and proper advice for your health condition. In the meantime, this is a nice way to monitor your health.

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